Reha Zamani

Reha Zamani

Life as an Afghan - American Actress in Hollywood

Acting and being unemployment

Living in Hollywood and in the thick of it, meaning I'm an ethnic actress that doesn't have the boobs or the fair skin to get tons of auditions, yet I still go out for what ever my agent can get me out on.  Hence my ethnically ambiguous classification on castings!  There's the white girl, black girl and then the hordes of ethnically ambiguous girls! 

I have been reaping the benefits of collecting unemployment as I don't have a 9 to 5 job currently.  I was laid off from a job about three months ago and it was a miracle on 34th street,

Right after I booked a voice-over gig, then did the San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival and was nominated for best actress!  Yes I have some acting chops.   Now I finally finished shooting an amazing project about a week ago in the dessert. 

Since the project is still in post, I am not allowed to reveal any details but I'll tell you this much... the director is in text books as one of the greatest visual artists in the world!  Take that "Dark Knight."

I'm secretly hoping this new reel will get some work coming my way as I'm working hard to get some of my antics on stage for a one woman show. 

I promise I'll blog about something more entertaining next time but for now.... you got a window to my heart at this moment.

Enjoy the reel.


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