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"Whatever You Focus On, You Create."


My Specialty

Replacing Limiting Beliefs With Personal Transformation


My Goal

I'm passionate about helping my clients achieve life-changing breakthroughs that transform their mindset and change their lives.

Are you struggling to overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams? As a certified executive coach and master NLP coach, I'm passionate about helping my clients experience a dramatic shift in their mindset that changes their lives.


With my combined NLP and executive coaching, you'll gain the tools and clarity you need to transform your wants into actuals. In just one hour, I'll compassionately and strategically guide you through whatever is holding you back, helping you achieve life-changing breakthroughs that improve your mindset, productivity, and overall success.

Don't just take my word for it.

Here's what one of my clients had to say: "In just one hour, I felt a HUGE shift in my mindset. I was surprised how I was able to shift perspectives so quickly!"

The Result of This Breakthrough Coaching?

Your Best Self!

Limiting Beliefs

I'm a trained NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Coach who can help you overcome current or lifelong fears and limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

I also utilize Co-Active coaching techniques to help you deal with moving past your obstacles so you can reach your goals.

Personal Transformation

Coaching is key to creating more open, flexible and resilient individuals. It awakens people to their valuable skills, ideas and contributions — and seeks to genuinely develop and empower them.

I specialize in coaching individuals over a committed period of time to facilitate higher performance levels by increasing their awareness, skill sets and confidence.

I Coach Clients With A Strategic Focus On Positivity & Achieving Their Desired Results





"In just one hour, I felt a HUGE shift in my mindset. I was surprised how I was able to shift perspectives so quickly!" 

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"In Therapy, The Focus Is Your Past. In Life Coaching, The Focus Is Your Present & Future."


Jocelyn F.
Tech Executive

"I met Reha during a transition point in my life. I was paralyzed by many different choices and didn’t know where to focus. Reha has a gifted ability to make you reflect and find the right answers within yourself. She has an uncanny ability to guide you into deep self reflection to find your own answers. Each session guided me in a positive direction and felt uplifting. Within a few months I had a plan and found a new direction."

Heather J.
Medical Dr.

"I had a very deep and complicated professional wound from a prior academic job, and rather than psychoanalyzing the various relationships with other people that were part of this complicated story, Reha helped me create a new relationship with myself.  In one session! Who does that? How is that possible? As a scientist, I wouldn’t have said it was possible, but even as time has passed since our session I still feel the difference in my psyche. I have a different story that I hold about myself now, not only from that job but for my life in general."

Andrea H.
Tech Executive

"I have never had a coaching session like I did with Reha, loved it! She was able to help me understand the different mindsets that I have and to choose the mindset that was the most positive mindset for me. I felt so relaxed after the session. I went into the session battling a specific situation I'm working through and I left the session feeling more clarity about the situation."

"Working With Reha Is Like Harnessing Jet Fuel."

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