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About Me

Whatever you focus on, you create

I work one-on-one with individuals to facilitate transformation within teams and organizations. The core of what I offer is creating breakthroughs and moving the needle forward.

I partner with compassion, focus, and clarity to cut through the story to turn your wanted to actual. The result? Your Best Self. You tap into the creative abundant force within you to create exactly the reality you want whether it be in your life, your profession, your relationships, or your team.

My specialties include creating empowering beliefs, goal setting, aligning with values, creating collaboration, and coaching for interpersonal team dynamics. 

In addition, I also focus on coaching for increased trust, innovation and life, career, and relationship coaching. I help you discover new ways of being, offer distinctions and frameworks to operate from, and give you new tools and practices to thrive in your life and work.


Specializing in Limiting Beliefs and Personal Transformation

Limiting Beliefs
Professional Transformation

I am trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which can help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs. I use NLP, and Co-Active coaching techniques to deal with obstacles you’ve been experiencing so you can move forward and reach your goals. While we do spend some time on the “problems” you may have experienced, we spend more time on the solutions. In therapy, the focus is often on why you are the way you are. In Life and Executive Coaching, we are focusing more on how you will achieve your goals.

Coaching is key to creating a more open, flexible, resilient organization and individual: one that awakens people & values them — their skills, ideas & contributions — & seeks to genuinely develop & empower them. To be most successful, coaching needs to happen at every leadership level in the organization.

I specialize in coaching leaders over a committed period of time to facilitate higher performance levels throughout their organizations by increasing their awareness, skill sets & confidence to act as coaches & transformational leaders.


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Reha Zamani CoActive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner

San Francisco, CA 94158



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