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The Importance of a Mindset Executive Coach

Developing mental adaptability is crucial for individuals who want to overcome challenges and discover valuable insights, fresh perspectives, and inspiration in their journey. As a mindset executive coach, my mission is to guide clients towards breakthroughs by sharpening their focus and crafting successful strategies for achieving their goals, especially when they feel trapped or stuck. Together, we unlock new possibilities and create empowering beliefs to transform their lives.

With a gentle yet powerful approach, I encourage shifts in people's perspectives, guiding them towards new insights and teaching them to learn from their obstacles. My goal is to help them see opportunities and possibilities where they initially saw only limitations and roadblocks. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to serving others and sparking breakthroughs in their lives while inspiring a shift in focus.

I have a special passion for supporting healthcare professionals who often face enormous stress and have little time to gather their thoughts and resources. These incredible individuals serve the greater public, making it essential for them to develop insights and awareness into their personal motivations and strengths.

My own journey hit a crossroads in 2013 when I was laid off, which ultimately led me to San Francisco. I landed a job in tech, pursued my coaching certification, and never looked back.

As a transformational career coach, my life has blossomed since fully embracing my coaching practice, exemplified by my commitment to serving the community with an open heart. I've refined my networking skills by joining BNI and harnessing the power of LinkedIn to connect with potential clients. My expertise in guiding individuals through transitions has become my niche, and I'm particularly passionate about coaching people through career transitions in the healthcare or tech industry.

Helping clients experience breakthroughs or shifts in their careers is deeply fulfilling for me. I take pride in my own career progression from Demandforce to LinkedIn and finally Tableau and Salesforce, where I became a Global Sales Enablement Leader. Now, I'm excited to help others by using my skills and experiences to create lasting, positive change in their lives.

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